WINTER 2018/2019


December 2018 – new six-seater “Fossadei” chairlift

The brand new six-seater “Fossadei-Malga Cioca” chairlift will replace the two-seater homonym, built in 1972 by the company Graffer from Trento.

After 46 years of consummate service, an historical lift of Funivie Pinzolo is now retiring. It is the connection between the area of Prà Rodont and the area of Malga Cioca, pivotal point in the offer of Pinzolo for children and beginners. The chairlift serves the blue slopes and provides a link between the two school camps and the more difficult red slopes.

The new chairlift will be built by the company LEITNER Spa from Vipiteno (BZ), a global leader in the field of cableway installations. Its length of 913.29 metres will replace the 1,025 metres of the former lift.

The capacity will pass from 694 p/h to 1,800 p/h, with a journey time of roughly 3 minutes.

In structural terms, the project provides for the positioning of 7 supports and not 19 as before.

The new drive station will replace the old one. There will not be a real warehouse and vehicles will therefore be stored in the station. Near the station there will be the control cabin, realised by the company Ille Case in Legno from Pieve di Bono-Prezzo (TN).

The new return station will be located at 1,484 metres asl, near the school camps, and will therefore prevent beginners from the insidious part of the former slope. It will be compact, a “short-type” building. Like the drive station, the return station will present a prefabricated wooden control cabin.

The colours chosen for the buildings will help them to merge with the surrounding environment and will be recalled also on the chairs.


Technical data

Fossadei 1972 Fossadei 2018
Height – return station 1,430 m asl 1,484 m asl
Height – drive station 1,760 m asl 1,761 m asl
Difference in level 330 m 273.80 m
Length 1,025 m 913.29 m
Capacity 694 p/h                       1,800 p/h (can be increased)
Speed 2.0 m/s 5.0 m/s
Journey time                   8 min 32 sec    3 min 2 sec
Chairs 81 (two-seater) 34 (six-seater)
Poles 19 7



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