Tulot Audi quattro® slope and trucks DoloMitica

Amazing slope in the Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Val di Sole Val Rendena

Tulot Audi quattro® slope and DoloMitica tracks

A slope that is already legendary and two tracks for downhill adrenaline of over 1,300 m. in altitude.

In places Tulot, north of the town of Pinzolo is the entrenchment of the gondola station Tulot that in less than eight minutes climbs the mountain to get to the height of 1,700 at the Malga Cioca. From here you can put on your skis and jump to the slopes Tulot Audi quattro®! A real challenge for skiers along the 2,600 m long and more than 900 m in altitude. The slope Tulot Audi quattro® was created to make you fall in love skiing, Pinzolo and its slopes: it is simply AWESOME!

Is not enoght? Go to the top of Doss del Sabion and ski down the slopes to reach the valley through Rododendro and tracks DoloMitica Tour and Star. Come to Pinzolo and "touch" with skis this beautiful slope and these wonderful tracks.


Tulot Audi quattro® slope:

  • Start: 1.700 mslm (c/o Malga Cioca)
  • Arrive: 800 mslm (c/o Loc. Tulot)
  • Lenght: 2.600
  • Max incl: 69%

Truck DoloMitica Tour

  • Slopes: Rododendro, Fossadei, skiweg Rigoza, Tulot
  • Start: 2.101 mslm (c/o Doss del Sabion)
  • Arrive: 800 mslm (c/o Loc. Tulot)
  • Lenght: 5.750 m
  • Medium incl: 22%

Truck DoloMitica Star:

  • Slopes: Rododendro, Variante Rododendro-Cioca 2, Tulot
  • Start: 2.101 mslm (c/o Doss del Sabion)
  • Arrive: 800 mslm (c/o Loc. Tulot)
  • Lenght: 3.455 m
  • Medium incl: 36%



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