Trekking itineraries and excursions in Pinzolo and Val Rendena

Map of trekking itineraries and excursions in Pinzolo, Val Rendena 

The hiking map of Pinzolo and its surroundings is a professional GPS tool with an illustrated guide of the trekking itineraries (1:45.000 scale).

The map, produced by 4Land Alpine Cartography, is based on the same cartography of the mountain rescue of Trentino and offers a detailed description of 42 itineraries (type of itinerary, difficulty, time, distance, starting altitude, maximun altitude, difference in level). You can find map at the local tourist office and at the offices of Funivie Pinzolo and Funivie Madonna di Campiglio.

Download the map

On the Brenta Dolomites, the trails reach many of the most famous refuge huts Rifugio Graffer, Rifugio Tuckett e Sella, Rifugio Brentei, Rifugio Alimonta, Rifugio Casinei and Rifugio XII Apostoli – at the foot of majestic peaks. You can start hiking from the bottom of the valley or from higher up the mountain, thanks to the lifts that take you quickly to higher elevations. For those of you looking for a more intimate setting, Val Brenta and Valagola are ideal destinations. 

On the Adamello and Presanella side, the wood, lakes and rivers dominate the landscape. The great many trails take you through the woodlands to small alpine lakes (S. Giuliano, Ritorto, Nambino, and the lakes of Cornisello) nestled in inimitable, almost lunar settings, or through the region’s pristine valleys, such as Val Genova and Val Nambrone.

So there’s something for everyone, from trekking in the Dolomites to walks in the mountains, for friends and family alike, thanks to the services that Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio and Val Rendena have to offer, including chalets, restaurants in the mountains, and ski lifts, as well as alternative transport so that you don’t need your own car and the all the safety of professional alpine guides.



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